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Lessons In SELF Love – Live music, chat and inspiration.

Good morning – hope you’re doing well!

Just letting you know everything has continued to improve beyond belief, and to say another huge thank you to everyone who’s helped!! Whether it was a message, a comment, an email, call or a donation – it’s all worked together to make an almost miraculous change!

I feel terrible because I simply can’t get through the hundreds of messages and comments fast enough – please know how much I value them all and it’s not for want of trying if you haven’t received a reply yet.

In fact, please share this post in the various pages, groups etc where people posted about my plight – I need to let everyone know how much difference they’ve made and how much it means to JinJan and I!

You’ve bought us time…
…time to see things through and stay on track, time to find ways to supplement our income until the main projects take off and time to make our work the best it can be. Hopefully this is work that will help and inspire others for many years to come.

You’ve bought us space…
…space to breath, space to work at a realistic and more efficient pace and time to regroup and rest occasionally.

You’ve turned my lack of self-worth around…
…maybe above all, you’ve turned my lack of self-worth into self-love! I still struggle to even say that phrase, but I’ve learned very quickly it’s a must. I’ve always struggled to accept compliments, but when it happens on a scale like this, I simply can’t ignore it!

In fact it would be an insult to all those who shared their own stories and told me how my work had touched them in one way or another. It’s been like a crash course in learning to love yourself lol!

I’ll always remember and draw on what’s happened these past three days, especially when the road gets bumpy in the future. I believe this has been life changing for me in so many ways.

There’s too much to say here but if you have time, Janet and I are doing a live stream this afternoon (4PM UK time) where I’ll be doing my best to talk about the past three days and how profound it’s all been. Please join us if you can – we’ll be singing a song or two as well.

Again please share this or at least help let me get the word out to everyone how much I appreciate them and what they’ve done.

Many thanks and God bless,
Scottley & JinJan.

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