12 Bar Blues Bass Lessons

12 Bar Blues Blue Bass Lessons


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10 thoughts on “12 Bar Blues Bass Lessons

  1. Looking to get some intermediate bass guitar instruction

  2. Hi Scott
    I’ve enjoys the 12 Bar Blues lessons 1 to 3 very much.
    You mentioned there were a couple more lessons but have not been able to find them, did you produce them?
    Many thanks for your hard work
    Steve from Australia

    1. There are only 1-3 currently Steve. I seriously hope to get time to produce more before long.


  3. Lessons 4 & 5 now added above ^^^

  4. Just started today. thanks

  5. Andy in Vancouver Canada
    After playing rhythm guitar for most of my life (I’m 66), at the suggestions of my band mates I have been playing the bass for just over a year. It is starting to come, as the lead guitar isn’t giving me the evil eye anymore.

    It’s easy enough to get the tabs for the rock songs we play, and learn them; however, the challenge has been learning to improvise as we like to play songs off the cuff. That is coming along too.

    I’ve only done the first five lessons, and while I have already played most of the patterns before, it is helpful to learn the the walk-ups and downs, with the right rhythm and beat, which is the first leg of improvising for me. Because I play several hours most days including twice a week with a 4 piece band I am eating this up pretty fast.

    Three of us are going to form a blues group in the new year and Scott’s approach has given me lots of good ideas. If you have been frustrated, as I have, this is worth a go. I can do one of Scott’s lessons and be playing the ideas in the band tonight.

  6. Scott- Thanks for the great 12-bar lessons. Have you posted past 5 yet?

    1. Hi there.

      I’m going to try and update the lessons on here over the next few days. In short, yes I have. It’s here: https://youtu.be/ToKhiJ8Ti98


  7. Hi Scott.
    Hope you are well in this “virus” enriched environment.
    I started playing bass at 15, I am now 70 and still playing, but I had 25 years off, bugger, to raise a family and start my own business.
    I have had a bad accident with my left hand, many years ago, got my wedding ring hooked up in a machine, hence I have lost my ring finger plus badly damaged my second finger and pinkie. So I really have to plan all my finger work carefully. But I am well sort after as a Bass Player so with perseverance and patience one can overcome.
    I enjoy going over beginner stuff with people like yourself, ‘tis amazing how one can pick up tips and tricks.
    And yes I do enjoy your Bass lessons.
    Anyhow that it not my main reason for this e-mail.
    In my collection of Basses I have 2 outstanding instruments. One is a re-issue Vintage 1974 American Fender Jass, which I have fitted a vintage 1960’s pro wiring loom from David Star from the USA, (using T.I. flat wound strings) sound phenomenal. The other is a Vintage 1974 Gibson Eb3 short scale, which I picked up on EBay for a good price a few months back, it was badly knocked around so I striped it back to bare wood and re-polished it (looks stunning) and I must admit the more I play it the more I fall in love with it, it is so much fun to play.
    I try to avoid using peddles and setup my instruments to get the sound that I happy with.
    Looking at your videos I noticed that you have an EB3 hanging on the wall behind you and from what I can see it has a DiMarzio neck pickup fitted. I have (after a long debate with myself) just ordered a Will Power 145 for my EB3.
    Could I please ask you how you find the DiMarzio on your EB3??? I have seen you video where you fitted one on a Gibson LP Jr.
    Cheers Philip

    1. Hi Phil – hope you’re well!

      Great reading your story and humbled my lessons are useful – fabulous to hear. 🙂

      I think I replied to you via email, but just in case – I LOVED the DiMarzio on the EB-3. The bass is now long gone but yeah – for me it was made the bass far more ‘real world’ usable.


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