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You’re found it!!  A fast growing, extensive library of FREE BASS LESSONS, from slap bass to finger technique, from simple 12 bar blues to complex harmony lessons, you’ll find it here sooner or later.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, why not send me a message directly here and I’ll put it on my ‘lessons to do’ list! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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General Technique/Musicianship

12 Bar Blues Bass Lessons

Strumming Bass Lessons

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Theory for Bass

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5 thoughts on “Lesson Library

  1. I am a ‘mature’ male person who wishes to learn the BASICS of playing my KALA U-bass … I am interested in learing enough to play along with others in the local pub … just 60’s – 90’s tunes … just a base to work from that I can take forward as practice permits. I will be in Spain for the winter so plenty of time to practice.

    Please direct me to the lessons that can take me from almost no knowledge to being able to sit in with others of like mind … nothing too serious just having some musical fun ! Also I do like country music and if successful I would later like to form a county music group to play for FUN !! See my web site … I have taught thousands of people how to build boats !!! Regards Bruce

    1. Hi there Bert!

      Just a thought – maybe Skype lessons might work for you, they can then be completely tailored to your needs…

      Drop me a line if this is of interest….


  2. Hi Scott
    In you 12 bar blues less you refer to tab for the patterns I can’t find them on the website?

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  4. Do You Teach Bass Chords …..

    Do You Mainly Teach Using a Four String Bass
    I ‘am Looking For ….. Four String Bass Teaching

    Do You Offer Lessons on …… DVD

    Thanks For Your Time


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