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We’re taking a break – back soon…

Hi all – hope you’re well!

After a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to take a break from YouTube for a month, to focus on making my Slap Bass Course! To be honest, it’s not really a choice – it’s out of necessity!

I’ve worked my ass off on the channel since January and am so happy with the way things are moving. However It’s clear I’m never going to get my slap bass course complete the way things are, and it’s really starting to affect both Jan and I negatively in a BIG WAY! The weeks have become a relentless wheel that I can’t get off! I’m falling behind with almost everything – including the members-only content – and the more this happens, the worse it gets. Quite frankly it ‘s all starting to feel impossible and completely overwhelming!

I’ve done my research and taking a break from the weekly content shouldn’t have a detrimental effect on the channel, but it WILL allow me to do my “hyper focus” thing on the slap course! It’s the way I work best – long uninterrupted stints at things. Time to turn on the ADHD superpower lol!

I’ll stay in touch on here, and will get the members-only stuff going again this week!

I’m really excited to let the creative juices flow and make the course I never believed I could! Don’t let me off the hook – keep checking in here to see if I’m staying on track… 🙂 See you all in a month – this is going to be EPIC!!

Scottley & JinJan

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