SWB-1 Standard

Pre-order your SWB-1 Standard short-scale bass today…

Traditionally ‘short scale bass’ has largely been associated with student basses and limited, muddy tones – not any more!!! The SWB-1 Standard is a professional, modern-sounding short scale bass affordable to everyone.

The SWB-1 Standard is an incredibly flexible bass and suits any style of playing – from growly traditional through to scooped, hi-fi slap tones and everything in between. Available passive or active (with genuine EMG EQ system) and in solid ash or mahogany, fretted or fretless there’s an SWB-1 Standard to suit everyone. The angled pickups make for a more natural transition from low to high strings – the low strings stay nice and focused whilst keeping the higher strings fuller-sounding.

The 30.75” scale & beautifully slim yet substantial neck feel instantly easy & natural to play without stretching. The high mass chrome bridge provides 18mm string spacing which aids faster, easier playing without feeling too unfamiliar when coming from the 19mm spacing used on most bigger basses. The simple yet elegant body shape is extremely comfortable with it’s smooth rounded edges.

***Each bass is FULLY INSPECTED & SETUP here in the UK!!  We want your SWB-1 Standard to be the best thing you’ve ever played – right out of the box.***

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52 thoughts on “SWB-1 Standard

  1. Hi from Australia.
    Love the sound and look of the SWB-1. Could you advise whether these are available through an outlet in Oz…or failing that how much it would cost to have one sent to me.

    Malcolm Stone

    1. Hi Malcolm!

      Thanks for the comments. 🙂 Presently they are only available direct from me here in the UK. Shipping to Oz is £140, so a passive version including shipping would work out at 1015.18 Australian Dollars.

      Cheers Malcolm,

  2. Got my Ash model ordered, looking forward to January to get my hands on it

    1. Nice 1 Jim!! I’ll keep you up to speed!! 🙂

  3. Read about the SWB-1, Looks and sounds fabulous. Wish I could go out today to get it. Can I buy it in New York, or is it only shipping from the UK. Not sure whether I would go active or passive. Looking for a recommendation. Many thanks, Steve

    1. Hi Steve – thanks for your comment.

      They are only currently available directly from me. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but I produced a demo video that has plenty of sound clips of the different formats. Here’s the video – https://youtu.be/u2mUBv8z7xo

      Cheers Steve – please get in touch if you have any more questions,

  4. I’m interested in a 5string mahogany swb-1,do you make those,if so how much,Ilive in the U.S., THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Craig – thanks for your message!

      I’m currently working on a 5 string version – watch this space… 🙂

      1. Looking for a professional short scale 5 string. How soon before you have one out? What’s the price range on your 4 string models?

  5. Hi Kieth,
    You have become my favorite teacher ! I’m all about the short scale. Are these basses good to go in the US?
    Would you recommend this over a Jazz short scale? Will the ones on eBay ship when they are listed too? Thank you

    1. Hi Zane – thanks for the kind words, and for your question.

      The best place to grab an SWB-1 Standard from is on my Short Scale Bass website here – http://www.shortscalebass.co.uk/product/swb-1-standard-short-scale-bass-guitar/

      There is now a much more affordable shipping option to the US – choose Landmark at checkout.

      Hope that helps Zane,

  6. Is for the future maybe planned also a version of the SWB-1with different or larger pickups (not angled) like humbuckers for example ?

    Thank you !

    1. Hi Francesco – thanks for your question!

      At the moment I don’t have plans to do that, but I’ve not ruled it out. Next development will be a 5-string version. After that I may look into the humbucker idea! 🙂


  7. Scott are you playing an active or passive SWB 1 on you tube, that bass is kickin !!!

    1. Could be either Ron – could you copy and paste the link?


  8. scott, loving the 5 string idea. time frame?

    1. No time frame yet – will update asap….

  9. Hi Scott I saw/heard your basses in YouTube and I got very interested on buying a Mahogany active but I wonder if there is any possibility to get on another color instead of natural?

  10. Dear Scott,
    I’m seriously considering your fretless version of swb-1. I have a long scale fretless but it ‘s hard to get around due to the distance between frets and the long reach. How much would it cost me to get one sent to Australia? Plus, how much would said bass weigh, as I bought a Fender Rascal (online) once and it weighed a ton! (I love short scale but HATE heavy basses.) Thanks.

    1. Hi Anthony – thanks for your message!

      The bass weight 7lbs. Shipping is now under £50 to Australia!! 🙂 Exact shipping fees are calculated at checkout before you pay. Here’s the link to my online store Anthony – http://www.shortscalebass.co.uk/product/swb-1-standard-short-scale-bass-guitar/

      Thanks again, Scott.

  11. what’s the difference between the ash and mahogany besides the texture of the wood? does this affect the sound?

  12. Just added a fretless SWB-1 to the fretted version I’ve had for a few weeks (both ash/passive). Both punch well above their weight and I’m delighted with them. I also play a Fender Rascal and can tell Anthony that he’ll find the SWB-1 to be light relief in comparison!!

  13. I love the sound of your bass, i´m from Ecuador in south américa and i Love to have one of your excelent basses, please write me if there is a possibility to purchase one of them, Hola from Ecuador!

  14. Hi!

    Are your Basses beeing produced in Great Britain?

    Are there any big changes in the sound when either mahagony or ash?

    What wood is the neck?


  15. Received my SWB-1 today and was blown away by its build quality and sound. I opted for the active version and it sounds awesome. Being more of a guitar player, I’ve struggled with full-scale bass necks, but the SWB-1 makes it so much easier to play being shorter scale – this is definitely a case where size doesn’t matter. Ready to play, straight out the box with no setup required – it was still dead in tune when it arrived !
    Thanks also to Scott for some helpful hints and tips

  16. Looks grea! My fiancé would love this if it came in red cherry stain like Gibson eb-0. I would personally like to see hand rubbed oil finish, emgdc, Kahler them, graphtec nut,schaller straploks and a hipshot detuner! ? None the less, great looking bass. Body looks to be well thought out.

  17. Hello,
    Is the fretless SWB-1 available unlined?
    Thank You

  18. Hey

    Just found you on you tube and really impressed with your lessons, excellent. Started to learn the bass about a year ago and your videos are already giving me a lot of confidence. I would love to buy one of your bass guitars, but only if you do a left handed version? I’m originally from Liverpool but the Canadian government overlooked that and now they let me live near Toronto. how much would it cost for a bass, preferably in a case, and including shipping, shipped to Canada? assuming of course, that you do a lefty version. Thanks

  19. Just placed my order for one of your Bass Guitars from Chowny. Can’t wait to get it. You truly are a gifted Bass Player and a very entertaining video producer. Keep them coming.

    1. Sorry but had to cancel the order. Chowny kept putting the delivery back. Feb delivery, then March, then April. Had to cut my losses and go elsewhere.

  20. Hi Scott, I’m just curious about the five string bass. A year ago you wrote here that you are playing with the idea. Is it still likely that you will make the five stringer in the near future? Thanks a lot!
    Best regars
    Jaromir, Prague

  21. Greetings Of Shalom Scott. Is it still too early to know when the SWB-1 2nd generation will be available?

  22. https://youtu.be/u2mUBv8z7xo


    confused, at 1.52 the bass is passive en later on at 15.22 with the second bass its also passive according your own words,
    so which one is the active one?

    super soundin bass!

  23. Hi Scott
    I’ve been trying to get a fretless like the ones in your videos – however, Chowney say they are only producing unlined ones!
    I have always played a lined one and don’t see much point in unlined – especially when you have to hit that note at the other end of the fingerboard. My fretless is coming to the end of its days unfortunately and I have quite small hands – so looking for something a little more comfortable.

    I don’t suppose you have any of the unlined still for sale?

    1. Hi Paul! Very odd you should bring this up as I’m currently selling my own personal fretless SWB-1. I’ve now got two fretless SWB-1s (which is overkill for me as I only play it occasionally) so have put it up for grabs.

      If you’re still interested, here’s the link – http://www.shortscalebass.co.uk/product/used-swb-1-fretless/


  24. hi could u till me the nut size is it 38mm thanks alan

    1. Hi Alan! It’s 37mm.


  25. Hi Scott,
    Greetings from India.
    Please guide me how to get SWB-1 in India.

  26. Looking forward to a left handed short scaled 5 string. Any updates? 😉

  27. Hi Scott,
    Greetings from India.
    Please guide me how to get SWB-1 SHORT SCALE (PASSIVE) BASS guitar to India,
    Some Questions-
    total cost- shipping charges along with SWB-1 hard case to my doorstep.(total amount).
    Can i pay in indian currency?


  28. Hi Scott –

    Does the active version has a passive option with it?
    How about on the pro version?

  29. Hello Scott,
    I would like to pre-order a standard SWB-1. As I’m travelling for the moment I would like to have it delivered at the end of May in France (Normandy). Would that be possible? Thanks for your help and your great demos, Marc

  30. Hi Scott
    I own one of the before Chowny models. Love it, blemished but love it
    and want to put on some flat wounds. What size do I order? Any suggestions?
    Do you have any fretless models for sale?
    John Green

  31. I would like a fretless

  32. I am curios if you have any used SWB ! Chowny Basses. I would want though the one with the rounded edge neck. I am looking for a used bass. I am a begginer at age 66, so my budget is so limited. I have so enjoyed seeing your on line lessons.

  33. Scott,

    Is there a version of your short-scale bass that has two humbuckers kind of like an Alembic Stanley Clarke model. Such an offering would be most attractive to me. I do dig the way the SWB-1 sounds. Good work, friend! Cheers!


  34. Hi Scott.

    I really love the deep, organic, melodic tone of the SWB-1. Obviously, it’s a lot to do with your playing as well. I’m the bassist and co founder of UK band Asian Dub Foundation and for over 20 years have played with my 4 string bass configured BEAD – not EADG tuned down – proper gauges 130, 105, 85, 65. Do you think this set up could work with the SWB-1? Or slightly lighter 125, 100, 80, 60? All this time I’ve been using a Status S2 with flatwounds, and wish to try the sound of wood again for other projects, with a more open, warmer sound. BEAD is integral to my playing style. I use the B a heck of a lot. Bass wishes, Aniruddha aka Dr Das.

  35. Glad to see you back and look forward to seeing everything you’re going to offer. I have a 1976 Stradolyn 30″ short scale with a single lipstick pup. Nothing but flatwounds and people always comment on its great organic tone. Made in Japan, but have never been able to determine the exact maker. Some think Harmony…cant find another like it.
    Anyway, I hope to return to playing soon (Im 67) and plan on buying a giging short scale. I look forward to seeing your complete line.

    1. Cheers Richard – hope you’re well btw.

  36. Hi Scott,
    I have one of your SWB-1 basses and I don’t really like the way the strap has to go over the end of the top horn (The strap bends too sharply). So, having looked at a number of your videos I think on some of the basses you use you have replaced the original strap buttons with Dunlop straplocks.
    Dunlop say that because of the size of the screws you have to drill out the original strap button holes to 7/64″ dia and 7/8″ deep. To do this I feel I should remove the neck from the body so my question is, is it ok for an ordinary person to do this and are there any special things to consider.

    1. I replaced the original strap buttons on my SWB Pro with Dunlops. I just screwed out the old buttons and screwed the Dunlop’s in. The wood is soft enough for the (bigger) screw to plow through the wood. No drilling required. Just use a good Philips screw driver with a long shaft. No need to remove the SWB’s neck.

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