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5 Responses to Pledge

  • I just wanted to thank you, your an amazing bass instructor,,,,dont get a big head ,,,,too late ….I did British car restorations for years ,now I listen to your stuff and drink tea ,lol no really thanks

  • Mark Bertolet says:

    I want to pledge/donate/contribute but do not wish to do it through FB. Is there a private secure way of doing so?

    • scottwhitley says:

      Hi there Tommy. Apologies as I’ve not been administering mt websites for a few months due to personal reasons. Back in the seat now though…

      The custom basses are currently unavailable. Brian the luthier is nearing retirement and isn’t in a position to take on building any more currently. There is a new factory made Pro version of my SWB-1 coming out very soon so keep your eyes peeled on my other website – It will feature EMG electronics throughout, beautiful mahogany top, 5-piece laminated maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Wilkinson tuners etc.

      Hope you’re keeping well btw Tommy!

      Kindest regards,