6 thoughts on “Whitley/Eastwood SWB-1 short scale signature bass

  1. Hi Scott,

    I am planning to buy a short scale bass, as it appears, that my old long scale brings me to a certain limit due-to finger length and force. Still I like the sound of my 30 year old Squire J-bass. Do you think, your guitar can achieve a similar sound?
    Another question: do you ship your guitar also to Austria, and further what happens, if I am not happy with your guitar?
    Many thanks for your reply in advance!

    1. Hi Paul – thanks for your questions. 🙂

      The SWB-1 Standard does have Jazz-style pickups so can sound very Jazz-like. The ‘both on’ pickups has a slightly different character to a J-bass as the spacing between the pickups is smaller, but it’s a great sound I’m sure you’d love.

      Shipping to Austria is £30 (if you buy a case I ship the bass in the case and the cost is still £30).

      If you’re not happy with the bass because it’s faulty in some way then I’d be happy to sort it out for you by way of exchange etc.
      Thanks again Paul,

  2. Is your bass a ailable in Canada? If not what would the cost be to buy the nass and have it shipped here to postal code K0K3J0? Thank you.

  3. is your bass available in US .can you have shipped here. Pittsburgh pa .

  4. I am interested in purchasing a short scale bass similar to the SW. Could you please give ball park price.
    Many thanks.

  5. Hi there,

    Really loving the idea of your new bass range. Just a couple of questions…what is neck and string spacing/radius like. I’m a huge fan of kubicki. Also how is the balance – neck dive etc

    Thanks jon

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