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6 Responses to Whitley/Eastwood SWB-1 short scale signature bass

  • Paul Schoeber says:

    Hi Scott,

    I am planning to buy a short scale bass, as it appears, that my old long scale brings me to a certain limit due-to finger length and force. Still I like the sound of my 30 year old Squire J-bass. Do you think, your guitar can achieve a similar sound?
    Another question: do you ship your guitar also to Austria, and further what happens, if I am not happy with your guitar?
    Many thanks for your reply in advance!

    • scottwhitley says:

      Hi Paul – thanks for your questions. 🙂

      The SWB-1 Standard does have Jazz-style pickups so can sound very Jazz-like. The ‘both on’ pickups has a slightly different character to a J-bass as the spacing between the pickups is smaller, but it’s a great sound I’m sure you’d love.

      Shipping to Austria is £30 (if you buy a case I ship the bass in the case and the cost is still £30).

      If you’re not happy with the bass because it’s faulty in some way then I’d be happy to sort it out for you by way of exchange etc.
      Thanks again Paul,

  • Ian merritt says:

    I am interested in purchasing a short scale bass similar to the SW. Could you please give ball park price.
    Many thanks.

  • Jon randall says:

    Hi there,

    Really loving the idea of your new bass range. Just a couple of questions…what is neck and string spacing/radius like. I’m a huge fan of kubicki. Also how is the balance – neck dive etc

    Thanks jon

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