13 thoughts on “Ear Training Lessons For Bass

  1. Hi Scott,
    really like the lessons where you point out the importance to sing with what you play! I have been playing bass for a long time and every time I have to play in public I feel unsecure and want to get out asap!
    In these moments I know I do not play music from my head, but just play the fingerboard of the bass without having the music in my head, and I hope I can get a better musician by singing, so the drive comes from within my head, hart instead from out of the fingers or the bass! Which you add more exercises to develop the inner musicality as it is not always easy to sing while playing

    Anyway, thanks a lot man!

    1. Hey thanks for the comments Dirk – very much appreciated, and great to know the lessons are useful!!!


  2. Hey thanks for the comments Dirk – very much appreciated, and great to know the lessons are useful!!!

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  7. Hi Scott, what great lessons! Putting the music first and the bass second (and using it to express what you hear in your head) is such valuable advice. Then adding harmonising with thirds anf fifths, as you did in this lesson, is a quantum leap, not sure I’ve seen that done anywhere else.

    Thanks again,


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