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12 Bar Blues Bass by Scott Whitley – Lesson 3 “Standard” blues bass pattern 1

In lesson 3 we look at a classic or ‘standard’ 12 bar pattern that’s used by bassist the world over and on thousands of recordings.

Download the PDF here

This introduction to 12 BAR BLUES BASS by Scott Whitley offers a fresh approach to learning the 12 bar sequence and how to have fun with it!

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4 Responses to 12 Bar Blues Bass Lesson 3

  • Gilbert E. Grasparil says:

    Hi Scott,

    Do you have a CD or DVD video/audio version of the 12 bar blues with all the greatest improvisation? If so, how much is it with the pdf or hard copy. I would like to play it on my car and on my DVD for lessons.

    Thank you for all the generously free lessons. I truly enjoy it watching you on Utube.

    God bless you.


    • scottwhitley says:

      Hi Gilbert – thanks so much for your comment!!!!

      Unfortunately I don’t currently have a CD for sale, although I am working on one….

      Thanks again and God bless you too,

  • Ken Fenton says:

    Scott. Hi. Just found your site via You Tube and find it extremely helpful. I realised that I was forgetting some of my basics in the rush to play covers however the way in which you present your lessons indicates that you have a real feel for people who are just starting out or looking to rework the basics.

    Thank you.

  • Tenaya says:

    You are an awesome talent and a great teacher as well. Thank you for putting these high quality lessons out there