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6 Responses to 12 Bar Blues Bass Lessons

  • Steve Wyatt says:

    Hi Scott
    I’ve enjoys the 12 Bar Blues lessons 1 to 3 very much.
    You mentioned there were a couple more lessons but have not been able to find them, did you produce them?
    Many thanks for your hard work
    Steve from Australia

  • Andrew P Block says:

    Andy in Vancouver Canada
    After playing rhythm guitar for most of my life (I’m 66), at the suggestions of my band mates I have been playing the bass for just over a year. It is starting to come, as the lead guitar isn’t giving me the evil eye anymore.

    It’s easy enough to get the tabs for the rock songs we play, and learn them; however, the challenge has been learning to improvise as we like to play songs off the cuff. That is coming along too.

    I’ve only done the first five lessons, and while I have already played most of the patterns before, it is helpful to learn the the walk-ups and downs, with the right rhythm and beat, which is the first leg of improvising for me. Because I play several hours most days including twice a week with a 4 piece band I am eating this up pretty fast.

    Three of us are going to form a blues group in the new year and Scott’s approach has given me lots of good ideas. If you have been frustrated, as I have, this is worth a go. I can do one of Scott’s lessons and be playing the ideas in the band tonight.

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