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5 ESSENTIAL Turnarounds 12 Bar Blues Bass Lesson

This week’s video is uploaded and ready to roll!! πŸ™‚ In the lesson I demonstrate and break down FIVE “Essential 12 Bar Blues Bass Turnarounds” – this should be great news for all you blues fans as it’s been a while since my last blues bass video.

Towards the end of the video I share an extra BONUS TIP that works universally to help you extract more from lines, licks and phrases you already know!

*** TAB/Notation link below the video ***

Here’s the video link:
​5 ESSENTIAL Turnarounds 12 Bar Blues Bass Lesson​

​Hope you enjoy the video…

Kindest regards,

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Learn how to use bass effects – LIVE Workshop today!

Good morning- hope you’re doing well!!

Today we’re talking about bass effects in our weekly bass live stream. I’ll be talking through various effects types in depth and demonstrating how they sound and how to apply them. I’ll be exclusively using the Zoom B1 FOUR multi effects so if you already own one, why not bring it along?!

This is a great opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and hang out with a great bunch of like minded people. The lovely Janet Whitley will be on hand to relay all your comments and questions.

Stream times (every Sunday):​
16:00 UK | 11:00 Eastern | 08:00 Pacific

Looking forward to seeing you there,

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Bass harmonics tips – Live Workshop (questions & comments welcome)

Learn a ton of bass harmonics tips!

In this bass harmonics tips live stream workshop you’ll learn all you need to get using harmonics quickly and in a musical way. Harmonics on the bass extend the range of the instrument beyond belief and have a place in ANY bassist’s arsenal imho.

Janet will be there to take your questions, comments and tips/advice to share with the viewers – as always let’s get the dialog going.

Live Streams EVERY Sunday at:
16:00 UK | 11:00 Eastern | 08:00 Pacific

See you there…

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Staying Out Of The Way with your bass guitar – another free bass lesson by Scott Whitley.

In this lesson I talk about the importance of staying out of the way (sonically speaking) of other members of your ensemble/band. In the context of this lesson, this is very improvisation-related – something I’ll look at with you over the coming weeks… Thanks for dropping by. Don’t forget to like/share/subscribe if you haven’t already. Regards, Scott.