Scott’s Whitley is a bass player, bass tutor, writer, performer, singer, recording engineer, producer, arranger, husband and father of four wonderful sons. He has worked professionally for many years in most genres. He is highly respected in his field as a true professional and innovative musician and has been the in-house Bass Tutor at Blackburn College for ten years

He began playing guitar and drums at the age of thirteen but was ‘pushed’ on to bass when he and a few school mates formed their first band. This didn’t sit well until Scott first saw Level 42 live on the TV whose front man Mark King was touted as ‘the best bass player in the world’. Seeing the incredible up-front slap and pop antics of Mark stirred up an excitement and vision in Scott that is still with him to this day!

Scott was playing paid gigs at the age of fifteen, mainly doing 60s pop covers from Merseybeat bands such as The Beatles, Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas, The Big Three, Gerry & The Pacemakers etc. and would (perhaps inappropriately) use this material to try his hand at new techniques he’d been working on. It must have sounded hilarious!

At sixteen Scott started attending Nelson & Colne College to study for his Music A Level where he studied all aspect of music including recording. Around this time he became aware of players like Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm. All these players had a massive influence on Scott’s playing and attitude to music. The most profound influence was Jaco’s playing on Joni Mitchell’s Mingus album! This album taught him that although the bass is lower in register, it’s simply another melodic musical instrument.

At the age of 18 Scott was regularly playing Jazz gigs wherever and whenever he could. At the weekend he was now playing with a very established covers band which, as well as keeping the wolf from the door, was invaluable experience and really pushed him to be an entertainer – not just a static musician!

Already a successful bassist, Scott began working part time as a recording engineer at a local studio. Whilst there he engineered and co-produced several commercial CDs. After some ten years this led to him being offered a post as a ‘Music Tech’ tutor at Blackburn College.

Over the years Scott has worked with many names including Big Country, Mark Brzezicki, Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy), Dave Sharp (The Alarm), The Boomtown Rats, The Ric Lee Blues Project (Ten Years After), The Rubettes, Charlie Morgan (Elton John), John Jorgenson (Elton John), Bobby Elliott (The Hollies), The Casuals, The Newbeats, Linda Gail Lewis, Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention), Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull), Nuno Mindelis, The Animals, Dave Mattacks (Paul McCartney), Dynamix, Boogie Express, Boogie Station, The Right Stuff, Paul Guard, Chip Kendall, Dawn Elektra, Roo Walker, Philippa Hanna plus many, many more!

Whilst continuing to be a busy performer both live and in the studio Scott has been the Bass Guitar Tutor at Blackburn College for ten years and teaches privately drawing on his twenty five plus years experience as a musician. Some of his current projects include his own band the Scott Whitley Quartet, specialist bass workshops and online private lessons via Skype.

Scott’s future looks exciting and he feels as if this is only the beginning!

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  1. Scott, I love ssbasses but I find most to be poor quality. I was excited to learn about your design. Finally being able to buy one I ordered one from Chowny. When I placed the order June 5th his web sight stated 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.that same week the time stated changed to 8 to 10 weeks,so I was patient and waited 10 news from Chowny so I emailed them. Stephen was kind enough to call me. He said they had some delays but he would check with the factory and contact me the next day. After no contact from him I emailed him again 8-9. Still no contact I emailed him again on8-22 he returned an email the same day stating it’s in production at the moment. We’be been beset by a few delays-but it is on order with the factory. I’ll chase them along again now and make sure they are on track. Apologies for the delay.8-30 12 weeks since I paid full price I emailed him again. He called me again that day and said the bass had come in but he wasn’t happy with the nut so he ordered a new neck for the bass would call the factory and ask them to rush the neck and he would get back with me. After no further info I emailed him on9-6 stating I have decided to cancel my order please give me a full refund ASAP. Today is 9-11 14 weeks since I paid full price. Can you do anything to help, I would appreciate it very much. Love your playing and your vids!
    All me

  2. I’m looking thru some old vinyl albums I bought at a yard sale and found “The Beatles Second Album”. On the back it’s signed by Scott Whitley, just got me curious.

  3. Hello Copenhagen calling, well that virus did everything sad not having a great time with music.
    Well, I do now look forward to next year to see you here 40 min. drive by from Copenhagen city.
    Yes my mate and I had our tickets and was looking forward to see after the great gig at Lets rock in Edinburgh ladt year. Yes I was the one met in the crowd, hi hi

    1. Nice to hear from you!!

      No – it’s terrible re the virus! 🙁 Hopefully a vaccine will be found sooner rather than later.


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